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Puzzle ?32 Seramik

Here is a Seramik: [Solution]

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Rules: Paint some squares black so that all possible different paintings of a 2×2 square can be seen in all 2×2 squares. Numbers outside the grid indicate the amount of painted cells in the corresponding directions, in order. Painted cells … Continue reading

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Puzzle ?31 Stardust

Here is a 31×31 Stardust:   [Solution]

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Rules: Locate some squares (each having the size 3×3) in the grid so that all stars are surrounded by squares. Some cells of the squares can be outside the grid, but the central cell should always be inside the grid.┬á … Continue reading

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NonPuzzle !2 Serkan Vs. Computer

Dear friends, Now, I don’t have a computer ­čÖé About an hour ago, there was a boxing match between me and the computer. Unfortunately I won! Short story: I made a 31×31 Stardust puzzle to publish here. I opened the … Continue reading

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Puzzle ?30 Smashed Sums Sudoku

Here is a Smashed Sums Sudoku:   [Solution]

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Smashed Sums Sudoku

Rules: Place a digit from 1-7, or blacken in each cell such that each digit appears exactly once in each row, column and marked 3×3 box. There will be 2 blackened cells in each row, column and 3×3 box. Numbers … Continue reading

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