Rules: Divide the grid into some regions, formed of adjacent squares. Each region should contain exactly two given numbers. The size of each region should be a value (in unit square) between the two numbers inside that region.

Background: This is a Japanese Puzzle Championship puzzle from 16th JPC Semifinal in 2007, see the original page. I made first time for Akil Oyunlari Magazine, issue 70th as an Instructionless puzzle, page 37. Actually you can see that page, as a part of Akil Oyunlari Magazine Sample pages. I used this type in 19th WPC, you can see Puzzle ?14. Also see the 11th 24 HPC, made by Murat Can Tonta.

“Araf “is a Turkish name, similar to some JPC puzzles, I gave it the name. Araf means “Purgatory”.

– Edit: Japanese name is 相ダ部屋 (aidabeya). This is mix of “aibeya” (shared room) and “aida” (between). Source of information: Takeya Saikachi


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