Zagreb Open 2012 Puzzles

I made 4 or 5 puzzle sets for Croatian Puzzle Community in 2011-12. As you know I’m really new at blogging. So I’m still learning. Actually, I mentioned publishing my older puzzle sets in About Section, but I didn’t think about how I can make it. But now, being inspired by Bram, I’m publishing my Zagreb Open 2012 puzzles. Part duration is 90 minutes. All puzzles tested by Palmer Mebane. Also you can see the Zagreb Open 2012 page.

1. Skyscrapers (3+9 Points)

2. Skyscrapers By 3 (4+8 Points)

3. Graffiti (26 Points)

4. Different Neighbours (18 Points)

5. Tren (6+15 Points)

6. Tapa (7+14 Points)

7. Paint By 3 (12 Points)

8. Easy as ABC System (11 Points)

9. Easy as Japanese Sums (13+19 Points)

10. First Seen Battleships (6+9 Points)

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