Tapa Book

The book was published in June 2012. I had announced that I would send it as a prize to TVC and CTC winners, and I have recently done so.

The book has 128 pages and it contains 110 classic Tapa puzzles. The puzzle sizes vary between 6×6 to 12×12. As this is the first Tapa book, the book’s average difficulty is medium/medium plus. All puzzles in the book were made by me. Some pages include puzzles from several competitions and these are stated in those pages. And I gave titles to some of the puzzles, these are relevant with the distribution of the clues. For those who don’t know what Tapa is, there are detailed instructions at the beginning. You can see the one of pages, the example page.

The size of the book is 115 x 160. The font used in the book is Georgia. The cover design is made by Ümit Berkup and the interior graphics are made by Gülce Özkütük Yürekli and Erhan Seyis. The font used in the cover provided by Deb Mohanty.

You can get the book here:

The shipping times vary between 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the country.

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