Puzzles for Fans Book

“Puzzles For Fans” is the second big book of Akıl Oyunları, published after Puzzles For Beginners. Contained puzzles are far harder than Puzzles For Beginners’ and there are many more different types. At first it was intended as a sequel, but then it turned out to be something independent. It took 2 years for this book to get in hard copy. This does not mean we struggled for two years. After  all puzzles were ready, it waited to be published for about a year. Going over all the puzzles was a tough process, at least for me.

There are 17 main titles in the book and some of these have several variations. That makes a total of 27 puzzle types. Every main title has 6 pages: First page includes explanations and the rest include puzzles. Difficulty level is rising as you go further in every type. Each type includes at least 10 and at most 30 puzzles. So the book contains a total of approximately 500 puzzles.

You can find the puzzle explanations in English here:

The book has 128 pages and its size is 160 x 240 mm.

14 of the 17 titles contain handmade puzzles, prepared by Ferhat Çalapkulu, Gülce Özkütük Yürekli, Kahraman Gündüz and me.  Battleships, Kenken and Nurikabe puzzles are from Conceptis.

I am the editor of the book. Cover design is made by Gökhan Okur and interior design is made by Erhan Seyis.

All puzzles in the book has been tested by Andrey Bogdanov, Branko Ceranic, Mehmet Murat Sevim, Palmer Mebane, Salih Alan, Taro Arimatsu and Zoltan Horvath.

You can see a sample page here:

You can get the book here:

The shipping times vary between 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the country.

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