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Non Puzzle !7 Interview with Hana Koudelkova

“Born and raised in a puzzle family, Hana Koudelkova (Czech Republic) is currently the director of the World Puzzle Federation. This interview includes less of the puzzles, but more of the puzzle community and its future. While we count down … Continue reading

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Non Puzzle !6 Charity Project by Grant Fikes

As a person who has been striving to do some stuff in this field for years, the combination of puzzles with this life we live in is amazing for me. Turning those four-cornered grids into a tool and using it … Continue reading

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NonPuzzle !5 Tapa Variations List V3

Tapa Variations List updated! The file consists of 123 Tapa variations from different people. As you know TVC XIII – XVI will be held in 2013 Feb – March. These variations will appear there. So if you have different approaches … Continue reading

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Operation Tapa

Rules: Follow regular Tapa rules. Additionally, clues outside the grid represent the result of the mathematical operations, performed with the lengths of different blackened blocks in that direction, starting with the largest digits for subtraction and division. Background: Today, I … Continue reading

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Dalmacija Open 2011 Puzzles

This gallery contains 17 photos.

This one is for Dalmacija Open 2011, as a part of Croatian Puzzle Championship in 2011. You can see the Instruction Booklet of Dalmacija Open 2011. Part duration is 90 minutes. All puzzles tested by Zoltan Horvath. 1. Tapa (11 … Continue reading

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Puzzle ?56 Matchmaker Rotator [Skyscrapers]

I prepared this puzzle for 19th WPC in Poland. But it was never used. 19th WPC Matchmaker Rotator [Skyscrapers]: [Solution]

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Matchmaker Rotator [Skyscrapers]

Rules: Given two grids are the same. Solve one, then turn the page upside down and solve the other. One view of the grid is a Skyscrapers puzzle, and the other one is a Gappy Skyscrapers puzzle. You should find … Continue reading

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