Puzzle Structures ?1 Matchmaker

While I was thinking about different puzzle types for OAPC, I remember asking that question: What if the puzzles and their instructions are given separately, and the solver matches them for solving? After this question, I searched for appropriate puzzle types. I made an example puzzle and I saw that everything was OK, so this type appeared in   OAPC 4 for the first time.

This structure had a great potential. I think, well-known classical puzzles turn into something different with this structure. After seeing this potential, we decided to make a Matchmaker part in the upcoming WPC (2009). This was way more challenging, because OAPC puzzle was dealing with 5 different grids, where the WPC puzzle was dealing with 7 different grids and 8 different instructions.

I have also combined this “matching” structure with different constructions like Tapa  (11th 24 HPC, TVC VIII [How I Met My Matchmaker], Rotator, Black or White, etc. Also this structure appeared in Russian Sudoku Championship 2010, Forsmarts Puzzle Book 7, and No Numbers etc.

After OAPC and WPC 2009 was over, I stumbled upon a similar idea “Chimera” by Joseph DeVincentis (devjoe), used in The Mystery Hunt 2008. This was more like an early example of the concept “two grids are the same, but the rules are different” used in many competitions.

Bu yazı My Inventions, Puzzle Structures içinde yayınlandı ve , , , , olarak etiketlendi. Kalıcı bağlantıyı yer imlerinize ekleyin.

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