Operation Tapa

Rules: Follow regular Tapa rules. Additionally, clues outside the grid represent the result of the mathematical operations, performed with the lengths of different blackened blocks in that direction, starting with the largest digits for subtraction and division.

Background: Today, I was like a ping-pong ball, travelling between two desks. One was for the PC, and the other was an empty desk for preparing puzzles. I made a puzzle list for this year’s 24 HPC, and I have been preparing those puzzles from time to time. One of the to-do’s was a new Tapa variation. Nothing came out for the whole day, so I kept on preparing other puzzles. And when I last gave a try a couple of hours ago, I drew a small grid and I said to myself, “Let’s combine Tapa with KenKen.” After a few steps, I didn’t quite like it, so I quit. I drew a slightly bigger grid next to it. And I said, “Release the operations from their cages and let them out!” I made the example, did not have to do much because the idea found its way. You can visualize this story here in Step 1 (The sentence above has nothing to do with me, it’s a line from the latest Leverage episode, my wife was translating the subtitles).

Next step was Serkan moving to the other desk and doing the graphic work. As you can see in the picture of Step 2, I was checking the example and I blacked out those two clues and gave the ones next to them. Because those clues undervalued the other clues, i.e you didn’t have to give a thought about the +6 clue. The bottom grid shows the corrections.

End of story.


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One Response to Operation Tapa

  1. tamz29 dedi ki:

    Where is this puzzle?

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