NonPuzzle !5 Tapa Variations List V3

Tapa Variations List updated! The file consists of 123 Tapa variations from different people. As you know TVC XIII – XVI will be held in 2013 Feb – March. These variations will appear there. So if you have different approaches about Tapa, please send them to me with instructions and a small example.


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3 Responses to NonPuzzle !5 Tapa Variations List V3

  1. A mistake in Wordic tapa’s left grid: 44 in R3C2 is actually 4 i think.
    Cyclic tapa: Nice idea.This is just four linked classic tapas in one puzzle.The whole point of the puzzle is about being able to solve all grids to get points.

  2. yureklis says:

    You missed Zero, 44 can be 00, 40 etc

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