Non Puzzle !6 Charity Project by Grant Fikes

As a person who has been striving to do some stuff in this field for years, the combination of puzzles with this life we live in is amazing for me. Turning those four-cornered grids into a tool and using it for helping people in need is the peak of puzzles, I suppose. So, when I saw the charity project in Grant’s blog, I said things like “great, what an appreciated work, wonderful” to myself. I would like to send my appreciations to Grant. Maybe I can be of help by writing these.

I happen to know what it is like to grow up as a fatherless person and the things you should face with. The steady absence inside cannot ever be fixed. You should always carry it with yourself wherever you go. This is not easy, but not impossible as well.

I have never liked money, and I am not telling this for nothing. Money has never appealed to me. My mother used to get mad at me, telling “you don’t understand life, money is always needed”. I know it is, but it’s just a 5-letter word, a symbol, nothing more. Money was needed for feeding yourself or owning things. But it is mostly needed for others, who cannot have it. I have 10 liras, what difference does it make if I have 10 more? I would not just drink coffee, but eat a cake as well. So is this the way it is? Nonsense, I could just drink coffee. Or no coffee at all, I can drink tea and the rest of the 20 liras can buy tea for many others in need. My country used to have a nice tradition, it can be translated as “Pending”. Say, you went to a shop, ordered a cup of tea, but you paid the price of two and said “pending”. What you mean is, if anybody comes here and doesn’t have money for a cup of tea, this is the payment for that tea. Old people were way better and more sensitive, I guess.

Long story short, helping people in need is not so hard, especially if we are speaking of children. Someone caring about them is nice, both for those someone and those children.

I would like to prepare a prize of my own, if Grant sees fit. Something like the ones I made for Tapa Masters. It would be an honour for me. I send my thanks and all my respect to Grant and to all the people involved in such projects.

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