Rules: Every row and column should contain four arrows, pointing at four main directions. Clues in the grid represent  the number of arrows contained in a chain that starts from that cell and leaves the grid at the grid edge, following a route guided by first encountered arrows along the way.

Background: I’ve been checking JPC files time to time. Because there could be a chance to figure out some puzzles which I couldn’t understand before. So, this type is a JPC puzzle. I’m not sure when I did understand the rules. Probably, in one of my attempts I had solved the example, and got the rules. Here is the original page for Signage, in 15th JPC, 2006.

I made a few Signage puzzles. First one was for Akil Oyunlari magazine, issue 68. I published it as an instructionless puzzle (“Açıklamasız” in Turkish) in issue 68, page 37. I think I forgot the puzzle for a while. Then, when I was searching all Akil Oyunlari magazine issue to decide puzzle types for akil oyunlari magazine competition in LMI, I met this type again. I prepared one more time. During the competition Bram pointed that Signage is one of Naoki Inaba puzzle type, and he shared the link in LMI forum. I didn’t know that. Naoki named this puzzle as Route Place. If I did know before, certainly I would have used and published by the same name. Because as a puzzle designer, I know the code: “Respect designer’s thoughts!”. So I’m sorry for this.



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One Response to Signage

  1. tamz29 dedi ki:

    Routep may have came from Route Place, the original name from JPC.

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