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Puzzle ?72 Moc Macek

Here is a Moc Macek: [Solution]

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Moc Macek

Rules: This is a Snake + Eminent Domain puzzle. Locate a snake in the grid, whose head and tail are given, without touching itself not even diagonally. The remaining cells should serve to Eminent Domain puzzle. Background: I’m preparing some … Continue reading

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Puzzle ?71 Yürekli Tapa

This is a Tapa for 14th Feb. My surname means “brave” in English. In my language, Yürek = Heart. So, “Yürekli Tapa” refers to Tapa with heart. [Solution]

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Non Puzzle !10 TVC and CTC

Starting with 2010, we have been holding Tapa Variations Contest series in February. 12 contests are held so far and we selected 3 Tapa Masters: Nikola Zivanovic, Florian Kirch and Palmer Mebane. This year, TVC and CTC are postponed, due … Continue reading

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Puzzle ?70 Graffiti

Here is the Graffiti: [Solution]

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Rules: Paint some cells black and then draw a single noncrossing loop, travelling along all remaining cells, moving horizontally or vertically with connecting the centers of the squares. The numbers outside the grid indicate the lengths of blackened cell blocks … Continue reading

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