Non Puzzle !10 TVC and CTC

TVC_CTC_LogoStarting with 2010, we have been holding Tapa Variations Contest series in February. 12 contests are held so far and we selected 3 Tapa Masters: Nikola Zivanovic, Florian Kirch and Palmer Mebane.

This year, TVC and CTC are postponed, due to the WPF Sudoku Grand Prix 2013 which will last until June. Deb and I discussed that solvers would like to concentrate on Sudoku, so it was best to postpone the contests. And also I am pretty busy with my puzzle works in Turkey, and those are not just publishing books or magazines. We are organizing school competitions; and there is the content and organization works of about 15 different competitions. Besides, we have some puzzle workshops and I am one of the instructors. All these combined with different parts that I prepare for several national competitions and my other puzzle works in several Turkish magazines; we decided that postponing the contests to summer would be beneficial both for me and LMI. And this schedule will probably be fixed for the following years. I am sorry that we changed the usual schedule and did not announce this earlier; but I hope you will understand it and I hope we will provide you with a satisfactory Tapa experience.

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3 Responses to Non Puzzle !10 TVC and CTC

  1. Rajesh Kumar says:

    Looking forward to this test in June.

  2. muhorka says:

    I´m looking forward to contest too, but I´m affraid, that if it will be during summer it could cause, that I won´t play every test owing to summer trips (and it will be worser with CTC).

    • yureklis says:

      Actually I’m not sure what we’ll change of TVC and CTC rules. But I know that we must think competitors first, so probably we can make some changes and adjustments to provide painless participation.

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