Puzzle ?71 Yürekli Tapa

This is a Tapa for 14th Feb.

My surname means “brave” in English. In my language, Yürek = Heart. So, “Yürekli Tapa” refers to Tapa with heart.



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4 Responses to Puzzle ?71 Yürekli Tapa

  1. Senem says:

    Weep not for me for Death is
    but the vehicle that unites my soul
    with the Creative Essence, God.
    My spiritual Being, my love, is
    still with you, wherever you are
    until forever.
    You will find me in the quiet moments
    In the trees, amidst the rocks,
    the cloud and beams of sunshine
    indeed, everywhere for I, too, am
    a part of the total essence of
    creation that radiates everywhere
    about you, eternally.
    Life, after all, is just a
    passing phase.

    KEVIN GILBERT, Epitaph, Black From The Edge

    • yureklis says:

      Kevin abi güzel yazmış, çok fazla Matrix’sel ama güzel. Ne diyorsun hâlâ benden yazan bir adam çıkar mı? O kadar seneden sonra, hakikaten benden yazan adam çıkar mı?

  2. Nice braveheart Tapa 😛 I still like your Valentines day special of last year more though 😉

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