ZeKa 2013 Puzzles

ZeKa 2013 was held in the end of February. I’ve been making parts for Croatian championship since 2011. Actually I hadn’t known so much things about this championship. So I asked some questions to Zrinka, and she shared the following text. From Zrinka:

Croatian puzzle team for WPC is chosen through a battery of 3 competitions, Zagreb Open (held in Zagreb), Dalmatia Open (held near Split), and ZeKa (held in Duga Resa). We are keeping score on all competitions and best 4 are chosen for the puzzle team (we look at 2 better results for individual competitor, so we discard the worst one, and that also means that a person can be in two out of three competitions and still qualify for the Croatian team). A single competitor can get 500 points the most at a single competition (400 for his performance in puzzle sets, and 100 for the final standings – if he is first).  Last year, and this year things are a bit different cause last years team was chosen on a single competition in Kraljevica, cause our traditionally best competitors were involved in organization of WPC and WSC. And this year Goran, Sanda and me are already in a team (cause of our involvement in last years WPC and WSC), so we are only looking for one more team member.

First puzzle competition  in Croatia, ever, was held in Rijeka in 2003 for the Arnhem, Netherlands WPC. First out of those three competitions Zagorje Open (later Zagreb Open) was held in 2005. We started applying battery of competitions  for choosing teams in 2009. Our main problem is not having young, new competitors so we will probably have to make some changes in our way of choosing people for the team, although seems like people in Croatia are just not that interested in puzzle solving, cause even though last years competition was a single one, and free, no new names turned up.”

Participants of ZeKa 2013


Normally, I added all puzzles of my part separately to the blog page. But starting with this post, I’ll share a link which refers to puzzle and solution files. So, now you can download the puzzle/solution/result files from here: ZeKa 2013 PuzzlesZeKa 2013 SolutionsZeKa 2013 Results

Bu yazı Puzzle Competitions içinde yayınlandı ve , olarak etiketlendi. Kalıcı bağlantıyı yer imlerinize ekleyin.

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