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Zagreb Open 2013 Puzzles

Zagreb Open 2013 was held in April. Croatian puzzlers organize 3 contests each year to select Croatian Puzzle Team. Zagreb Open was the last leg of 2013 championships. As a result of three competitions, GORAN VODOPIJA, ZRINKA KOKOT, SANDA REIĆ … Continue reading

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Non Puzzle !12 Turkish Puzzle Team on TV

Last sunday, Ferhat Çalapkulu (Turkish Puzzle Team captain and Akil Oyunlari magazine founder) and I (chief editor of the magazine) were on a TV show. Discussion topics were the situation of puzzle culture in Turkey, and our works and objectives. … Continue reading

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Puzzle ?77 Toroidal Skyscraper Sudoku

Rules are from Takeya Saikachi’s blog. In Puzzle ?77, digits are from 1 to 7. Background: Takeya is the owner of the puzzle idea. If you click the link, you can find two of Takeya’s puzzles. Puzzle ?77 is my … Continue reading

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Puzzle ?76 Gapped Kakuro

Here is a Gapped Kakuro: [Solution]

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Puzzle ?75 Tapa Briquet

Here is a hard Tapa Briquet, MMS’ solving time is 17.49 minutes, Salih’s is 9.43 minutes [Solution]

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Puzzle ?74 Tapa Briquet

I prepared puzzle ?74 and ?75 for UKPA 2013, Tapa Variations part. But I removed the type to shorten the part. Here is a 8×8 Tapa Briquet, Mehmet Murat Sevim solved it in 3.41 minutes, Salih Alan’s solving time is … Continue reading

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Tapa Briquet

Rules: Follow regular Tapa rules. Additionally, the wall should consist of only Briquet blocks, having the size of 1×2 or 1×3. The clues represent the sum of the neighbouring blocks’ lengths. Background: I was inspired by Tren. This Tapa variation … Continue reading

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