Masyu Rundweg

Rules: Draw a loop into diagram following the gridlines, which does not touch or
cross itself. A digit in a cell indicate the amount of its edges used by loop.The circles in the diagram follow the Masyu-rules: The path must turn at every black circle, but cannot turn immediately before or after. And the path cannot turn at any white circle, but must turn immediately before and/or after.

Background: The puzzle idea belongs to Nils Miehe. He introduced it in Logic Masters e.V, under the Rätsel Portal part. After that I used the idea in OAPC 8. This puzzle is known with two different names, Masyu Rundweg (Rundweg means Fence in German) and Loop the Loops. I assume that Thomas gave the second name when he published it. Friday Puzzle #115 – Loop the Loops, Friday Puzzle #135 – Loop the Loops (DD Part 8)
. Also Prasanna published some in his blog with the second name.



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  1. Also, it was there among the puzzles in the first Puzzle Marathon on LMI. 🙂 Also, I see that its clubbed with Slitherlink / Masyu on my blog. I added a Loop The Loops category and put my 3 puzzles of this type there. You can update the link –

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