Non Puzzle !13 Tapa Variations Contest and Classic Tapa Contest 2013


It’s time!

Nearly 17 months later, TVC and CTC are close at hand. As you know, normally we organize them in Feb-March. But this year, WPF Sudoku Grandprix begun and we thought that competitors might want to prefer to focus on it, so we postponed the contests to the summer. Now, Tapa Variations Contest 2013 will begin at 17th August in Logic Masters India. 26th of August is the starting date for Classic Tapa Contest in same web site.

TVC 2013 contains 4 separate tests (TVC XIII, XIV, XV, XVI) to be held in 17 – 31 August and 14 – 28 September in LMI. You can find previous TVC puzzles here:

Last year, we organized 1st CTC. It lasted 2 months. All Tapa puzzles had to be solved online, and each day a new Tapa was released. You can check out the CTC system, rules are here:

Last year TVC and CTC had one winner, Palmer Mebane. Palmer is the third Tapa Master since 2010.

TVC XIII Instruction booklet will be published today (11th August) in LMI Forum.

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