Rules: Place the given tetrominoes in the grid using each of them exactly once. They can be rotated but not mirrored. Digits in the grid show the amount of occupied cells in the neighboring squares.  Tetrominoes cannot touch each other, not even diagonally.

Background: This is one of my puzzles. I prepared first time for 8th 24 HPC (2007). Then it appeared in OAPC 1.  I’d like to share the orijinal link of the web page but it doesn’t exist anymore. So thanks to Janko to add all OAPC’s puzzles to the own website.

Ok, let’s go back the OAPC times. When we started to organize these contest, the main goal was to give a chance to all competitors for being familiar with 18th WPC puzzles. So I knew that in each leg of the OAPC, I had to invent new puzzle types or I should open my personal suitcase has full of my puzzle ideas. I’m not sure about the Tetroscope main idea where came from, but yes it came from somewhere 🙂 I think I focused on the microscope word while I was trying to find the proper name. Scope is a meaningful word and if I combine Scope + Tetromino, I could get the a nice name. Apperantly it worked and I marked the puzzle with Tetroscope. But I’m not sure about the date of born of the puzzle.

First host was 8th 24 HPC, then OAPC 1. But believe me I’m not sure about others, so I’ve googled, and I’ve found some. But one of the my accurate guess except I’ve already found on Google, is Vladimir or Andrey made this for Moscow Cup or Belarusian Championship. Yes I’m going to dig up just for you guys 🙂

First thing first, here is the some sources the puzzle appeared:

You know there was a magazine, but recently it discontinued, Will Shortz’s Word Play. I was one of the puzzle author, and I think I sent nearly 20 puzzle pages, each page at least contained 12 puzzles. So some of them was accepted by editors, some of them not. I’ve checked my mails and found the mail with Tetroscope page, but there is not any response from editors, because I think my last pages that will be published in the magazine might be Retrograde Battleships and Banknotes pages. Unfortunately the Tetroscope page couldn’t catch to see the magazine alive  🙂 Anyway, why I’m sharing details because the example below that I made for the WS Wordplay. As you can see, the format of the clues are different than the original ones. Frankly I never like the appearance of the clues of Tetroscope, so this one is better. But this is not my idea, please open the 23th WPC instructions again, and you will see the new format of it, the circle around the clues. It looks like better than my first puzzle clue format. For WS Wordplay, I just painted the circle to black, I like the contrast on the layout…

OK guys, I’m done I think, 🙂 Çavvvv

  • OK one more thing before leaving the “post” office , if you use the different shapes than Tetrominoes when you decide to prepare a Tetroscope, I think you can reach a new thing. For example I did a Penta(o)scope puzzle, or using same logic I did a snake puzzle. So you don’t need to use just Tetrominoes or Pentominoes, if you prepare a Tetroscope puzzle you are totally free change the shapes. For example for the Mom’s day, you can make a puzzle with MOMY I LOVE U shapes 🙂

Tetroscope Example

Anadili Türkçe olanlar için not: Güzel insanlar, icat ettiğim zeka oyunları adı altında bir kategori daha açacağım önümüzdeki günlerde. Buraya yazdıklarımın tamamen birebir tercümesi olmasa da Türkçe dilinde tekrar yazacağım. Helecan yapmayın 🙂

Bu yazı Instructions, My Inventions içinde yayınlandı ve , , , , , , , olarak etiketlendi. Kalıcı bağlantıyı yer imlerinize ekleyin.

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