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Different Neighbours

Rules: Fill the grid with digits from 1 to 4. Same digits cannot touch each other, not even diagonally. Background: This one was invented by Vladimir Portugalov. He introduced so many new and challenging puzzle types to puzzle culture so … Continue reading

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Non Puzzle !10 TVC and CTC

Starting with 2010, we have been holding Tapa Variations Contest series in February. 12 contests are held so far and we selected 3 Tapa Masters: Nikola Zivanovic, Florian Kirch and Palmer Mebane. This year, TVC and CTC are postponed, due … Continue reading

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Rules: Paint some cells black to create a continuous wall. Number/s in a cell indicate the length of white cell blocks on its neighbouring cells. If there is more than one number in a cell, there must be at least … Continue reading

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Rules: Every row and column should contain four arrows, pointing at four main directions. Clues in the grid represent  the number of arrows contained in a chain that starts from that cell and leaves the grid at the grid edge, … Continue reading

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Puzzle Structures ?1 Matchmaker

While I was thinking about different puzzle types for OAPC, I remember asking that question: What if the puzzles and their instructions are given separately, and the solver matches them for solving? After this question, I searched for appropriate puzzle … Continue reading

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First Seen Snake

Rules: Locate a snake in the grid, whose head and tail are given, without touching itself even at a point. Numbers outside the grid indicate the length of snake segments seen first towards the corresponding direction. Background: This is one … Continue reading

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NonPuzzle !4 Akıl Oyunları Magazine Competition

This weekend (18-20 August) Akıl Oyunları Magazine Competition is running. There are 11 puzzle types which appeared in previous AO magazine issues. Here is the contest page.

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