Wittgenstein Briquet

Rules: Locate some 1×3 blocks in the grid, without overlapping each other or the numbers. Each number in the grid indicates the number of blocks touching that cell from the sides. All remaining cells should be connected to each other orthogonally.

Background: This type is a Japanese Puzzle Championship puzzle, see the original page (16th JPC, 2007). When I try to solve JPC puzzles, surely I try to solve the example first, even if I don’t know the puzzle rules. Because everything on the paper is Japanese. So all JPC puzzles are Instructionless puzzles for me. After seeing and solving this type, I liked it very much, so I prepared many of it. First I prepared it for OAPC 1, then I made for several national competitions, and for Raetsel Portal 1, 2, 3. Similar to some JPC puzzles, I gave it a name, inspired by Wittgenstein.

– Edit: Japanese name is exactly “Desk Place”. “exactly” means that such English words are directly written in Japanese letters. So we pronounce “デスクプレース” as “desukupure-su”. Source of information: Takeya Saikachi

* One more thing. When I was checking JPC puzzles, I found a similar type, probably that one is father of WB. Of course this is my opinion. Father is from 10th JPC, 2001. Rules are a little bit different, but not so much.



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